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Some of our most frequently asked questions are below. Feel free to contact us directly if the answer to your question isn't here.

Which machines are Bondi Pods compatible with?

Bondi Pods are compatible with all Original Line Nespresso® coffee machines including but not only the following: DeLonghi / Breville Nespresso®* machines, including all Citiz models, all Creatista models, all Essenza models, Inissia, all Lattissima models, Le Cube, Maestria, all Pixie models,  

Which machines should I not use Bondi Pods with?

Bondi Pods aren't compatible with the new Vertuo line of Nespresso® machine or the commercial Nespresso® flat disc capsule machines. Our pods don't work in Aldi K-Fee machines. 

How do I use your pods?

To get the best out of our pods we recommend you flush the machine before you insert our pod. This will remove any stray grains from the machine and also heat the machine (heat is used to pierce the pod lid).

Sometimes it's tricky to get your pod into my machine. What should I do?

Because our pod cap is (proudly) made from plants it doesn't slip into the machine as seamlessly as other aluminium capped pods. Feel free to give it a little push and you may need to apply a tad more pressure when closing the chamber lid. Rest assured this doesn't damage your machine or affect your great tasting coffee. We know it's not ideal but worth the effort to save the planet in our view.   

Your pod sometimes gets stuck in my machine. What should I do?

Our entire pods (including the cap) are made from a patented planet based material which expands in your machine when it's heated through the coffee extraction process. This doesn't damage your machine or affect your great tasting coffee thankfully but it does mean you may need to give the used pod a little push after use to drop it into the waste chamber of your machine. We know it's not ideal but worth the effort to save the planet in our view.

What are your pods made of? 

Our entire pods (including the cap) are made entirely from sugarcane and sugar beet. These completely renewable resources are used to create PolyLactic Acids (or PLA) which is a plant-based plastic. Compared to conventional coffee caps, PLA saves fossil resources and requires a lot less energy to produce. As well as this, PLA contributes positively to the swelling problem of plastic consumption and waste. Because over time the PLA will decompose and leave behind nothing but natural bi-products, which can safely re-enter the carbon cycle.

Are there toxins in your pods?

Our pods capsules do not pose any risk to your health, because there are absolutely no toxic chemicals associated with PLA (plant based plastic). Bondi pods have also been designed to support the high temperatures of an espresso machine, so don’t worry about that either.  The PLA used in our capsules comes from sources with Bonsucro certification. This standard prevents the cultivation of sugarcane in areas of high conservation value (HCV) or areas that are legally protected. Our supplier grows sugarcane and sugar beet that are completely GMO free.